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Assisted Living Encourages Seniors to Get Social

Assisted Living Encourages Seniors to Get Social

Assisted living communities offer a variety of benefits, including secure, comfortable residences, delicious meals, transportation and personal assistance provided by caring professionals. In many ways, assisted living also encourages residents to get social as they experience enhanced independence in a supportive environment.

At The Lodge at Summers Pointe, residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with ample opportunities for socializing with others. Here are just a few of our many services and amenities that promote engagement and building friendships.

Planned Activities

Imagine having access to your choice of activities, programming and entertainment every day. In assisted living, residents have just that opportunity.

From musical performances to movies, dancing, art projects, lectures and games, the activities in assisted living offer daily options for meeting new friends. By meeting people with shared interests, you or your family member can build long-term relationships.

In your assisted living community, you can always find someone who’s interested in playing a game of cards, working a puzzle, taking in a movie or simply chatting about common interests. With a full calendar of scheduled activities each day, your assisted living community offers a multitude of opportunities to meet interesting new people and expand your horizons.

Lifelong Learning

Assisted living provides a supportive environment that gives you or your family member plenty of time to pursue your interests, and many people choose to engage in lifelong learning. You can participate in a variety of enrichment activities, including book clubs, art classes and lectures on every imaginable subject. Every learning-oriented session in your assisted living community also gives you an opportunity to meet people and spend time socializing.

Wellness Programming

In assisted living, you or your family member can participate in a range of wellness-oriented activities, including programming that supports physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellness.

Research has found that time spent taking part in physical activity has a direct association with individuals’ moods. Wellness activities also present opportunities to meet new people and strengthen relationships as you exercise together and participate in intellectually stimulating programming.

With group exercise classes, gym equipment and trained staff members on hand in assisted living, residents can experience a range of wellness opportunities that exceed the capabilities available in most individuals’ private homes.

Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Maintaining a home can be hard work, and many people burdened with household chores have no extra time to participate in outside activities. In assisted living, you or your relative benefit from a maintenance-free lifestyle that leaves ample time to pursue interests, hobbies and friendships.

What services help free up so much time for residents of assisted living? Housekeeping services ensure that your residence and all common areas are clean, safe and pleasant at all times. Landscaping keeps the campus grounds safe and beautiful for an outdoor stroll, a picnic or simply sitting and enjoying the view and good company. 

Maintenance ensures that all required systems — including heating and cooling, lights, security and communications — function optimally at all times. Transportation to doctors’ appointments and scheduled outings means you or your family member need not worry about maintaining a vehicle.

In addition, assisted living communities provide personal assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing and taking medications. From housekeeping to maintenance to personal assistance, you get the support you need to live your best life, and you have time for socializing with others.

Social Dining

Dining in your assisted living community is a highly social event. With delicious food and delightful company, meals are a joyous time to laugh and recount the day’s happenings.

For individuals living alone, cooking for one can become tedious and can seem to take too much effort. In assisted living, residents eat nutritious, appealing meals every day as they enjoy the company of other residents and staff members. Dining venues in assisted living also provide a wonderful place to spend time with family members and friends from outside the community.

Many Opportunities to Connect with Others

Living alone can be an isolating experience. In assisted living, residents benefit from a variety of opportunities to socialize and enjoy the company of others. The Lodge at Summers Pointe offers an array of amenities and services that help you maintain your independence and spend time making connections and enjoying life. To schedule your visit, please contact us.